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The legendary lyrebird, or Menura novaehollandiae, is best known for its stunning musical and vocal ability. Its tail coincidently resembles a lyre, from which it gets its name. Although famous for its ability to mimic any sound it hears, it also contains a variety of unique sounds in its repertoire that combine with its mimicry and exotic dance choreography to create one of the most stunning mating rituals on display in the animal kingdom! 

Menura Acoustic Labs derives its mission from its eponymous mascot; aiming to put all skills, knowledge and competence on display in order to educate and spread knowledge, while also offering an unprecedented level of transparency in an industry that thrives on myths and mysteries.

We take a practical approach to acoustics, developing products that specifically solve issues that we have encountered over the last two decades of acoustical consulting. We test and develop all our products in our in-house lab using real-world mounting conditions, giving consultants and vendors actual absorption data that can be plugged straight into acoustic simulation software! 

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