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Perfect results every time!

Using software simulation, we design to your specifications with a combination of our products to deliver studio-grade room acoustics for your listening room. Once the products arrive, they can be installed in a single day! 

The Menura system gives you a listening room with the acoustic benefits of a custom install without any of the construction mess and months of misery that normally accompany it. 

Stadium Concrete Seats
Modular Acoustic Solution
About Our Products
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Memtrap Pro & Slim

Our Memtrap Pro and Memtrap Slim offer highly efficient and targeted low frequency absorption at two different sizes, giving a designer great flexibility in a variety of spaces.


Full Range Extender (FRE)

Our Full Range Extender, or FRE, is a broadband absorber in its own right, but can also be paired with a diaphragmatic absorber to maximise absorption in the lowest frequencies.


Low Frequency Extender (LFE)

The Low Frequency Extender, or LFE is unlike the FRE in that it cannot be used standalone. However, it is a fantastic addition to our Memtrap, increasing its efficiency and extending its low frequency absorption upto 250Hz.

How do our Products Perform?

The graphs below show the performance of the standalone products as well as the combinations with diaphragmatic absorbers.

Standalone Products


Product Combinations

What Sets Us Apart?

Acoustic room kits are not a revolutionary new idea, and neither are diaphragmatic absorbers. Various types of absorbers exist on the market already, so what is it exactly that makes our products different? It starts with understanding the limitations of existing products and solutions and how they affect a listening space.

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The main acoustic goal of any space is to achieve a flat reverberation time curve. Therefore, the absorption curve of materials used should looks exactly like the room reverberation time. Guess what? Our broadband absorber does exactly that.

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Our results are audible AND measurable. By taking care not to over absorb at high frequencies, we are able to preserve 'liveness' even after lowering the reverberation time of a space. And by focusing all our R&D efforts to perfect our diaphragmatic absorbers, our rooms have a clean and "tight" low frequency response that will satisfy even the most discerning listener.

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