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Test Specifications

All product tests have been conducted in an ISO 254:2003 compliant reverberation chamber. However, the tests have not been conducted as per ISO 254: 2003 mounting conditions, as we have chosen to have these test results reflect real-world acoustical absorption data based on realistic product positioning within a room.

The placement of the products has not been chosen to maximise the absorption data, rather, the positions have been chosen based on how they may actually be used in a listening space.

Each solution provided will include a detailed mounting guide, allowing you to see the change in product performance based on its position in a room.

In this catalog, the products have all been tested in one specific mounting condition (see the image below), allowing you to compare the products based on relative absorption. For those interested in test data for ISO 254:2003 mounting conditions, feel free to reach out for detailed information about our products and tests. We are extremely transparent about our testing and simulation methods, so no questions are off limits!

Screenshot 2021-01-08 at 11.04.21 AM.png
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